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Everyday Diabetes Center, LLC (EDC) is a regional diabetes center, providing both education and medical management, serving all patients diagnosed with Type 1 and 2 diabetes.  We will collaborate with referring providers to provide support and assistance as needed. For patients requiring intensive management such as those using insulin pumps, patients with Type 1 diabetes, and patients with challenging diabetes issues we will provide in-depth care on an ongoing basis.  


Diabetes is difficult and medical management is just the start.  Our goal is to meet the unique needs of those living with diabetes and to address the whole individual.  Credentialed by the American Association of Diabetes Educators, EDC will individualize care and address the 7 basic self-care behaviors of our patients and families.



Download the referral form from this website.


Complete all applicable sections of the referral form and sign

Be sure to indicate whether you would like us to provide full-spectrum comprehensive diabetes care and medical management or simply diabetes education.


Email or fax forms to: OR (912) 200-7971.

Attach a Face Sheet to the referral form so that our office has all of the pertinent demographic and insurance information for your patient.


Give our office up to 1 week to process all referrals.


We will send you notice when your patient has been seen.

Click here to open our referral form

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