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Small groups are...well...just that.  They are small groups of patients and families connecting with other patients and families.  Social media is great but it's incomplete.  What about an opportunity to share a cup of coffee, give someone a hug, offer up some words of encouragement, swap frustrations/stories/victories...what about good ole fashioned face-to-face contact?

We're always trying to come up with ways to make our practice smaller.  No, not getting rid of patients...but rather making the practice feel quaint, approachable, accessible....real...all while growing in numbers.

Small groups at EDC are new and a definitely a work in progress.  Listed below are contact names and information.  There's no need to call our office first.  Just contact the appropriate leader (according to your location) and have a conversation.  That's where it starts.

Our hope is that more groups will be added soon!

                                    Email                                          Phone#

Teresa Wiser             (337) 378-3770 | 912-332-7910

Trina Dunn                          (912) 604-6833

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